Small and Medium companies have their own necessities

LifeUp process automation platform streamlines financial service offerings throughout their life cycle.
Implement changes in days. Automate. Own your technology.

Flexible. Fast. Affordable. The concepts that define our purpose.

LifeUP – Customer Onboarding Module
LifeUP – Сustomer Servicing Module
LifeUP – Core Banking module

Digital transformation is not about technology. It is about business.

We designed our product modules so they can be used both together and separately. Each can be implemented to enrich your product, no matter where it is in its life cycle.

Be flexible with the changes in your business environment

– Make changes in days
– Manage your products, processes and decisions
– No IT knowledge required

Fast and costless operations

– Automate redundant activities and decisions
– Reduce manual work
– Connect things together

Be the owner of your technology

– Open source code
– No limitations and co-changes
– No obligation to have long term contracts

Feature roadmap

It is not enough pieces of business, it is necessary to consider all life product cycle components.

LifeUP – Customer Onboarding Module
LifeUP – Сustomer Servicing Module
LifeUP – Core Banking module

Some facts about our product

It’s Secure
Our modules successfully passed security tests against OWASP 4.0. Level 2 security standards carried out by independent, respected security experts.
Uses modern and flexible technologies
Our applications are written using modern enterprise stack - Java on Backend and ReactJS on FrontEnd. All functionalities are available by RestAPI and can be extended or integrated with ease.
Can be hosted on-premise or in Private Cloud
You can host your solution wherever you want to. Use your preferred servers or our knowledge with Amazon, Azure or Estonian Riigipilv.

Business cases

In 2016, LifeUp was founded with the purpose of supporting small and medium financial companies which are going through digital transformation. Together with our mother company, Wisercat, we helped more than 40 companies in 5 different countries.

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Let’s make something more

We are ready to invest in the first steps of your digital transformation! 

Our key consultants can help you to build a successful digital transformation roadmap.

What will you receive:

  • Set of workshops to map your services, requirements and needs.
  • Tailor-made TO BE vision of your services, processes and operations.
  • Step-by-step changes implementation plan.