Business cases

Our job is to ensure a successful future for you and your company in the changing world.
Technology is constantly evolving. Business should too.

For one of the largest Estonian financial foundations, we provided:

KredEx financial services required complete digital transformation. At LifeUp, we worked on creating and executing a strong, foolproof strategy. Using LifeUp DSM platform, we optimized their core business processes, ultimately transforming and improving many aspects of KredEx services.

For Kredex, we provided:

  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Analysis and optimization of core business processes
  • Service transformation through LifeUp DSM platform

For the most innovative University of Technology in Estonia, we provided:

Tallinn University of Technology required digital renovations – so at first we analyzed their needs, and came up with a solution. We optimized their business processes, and, using our DSM platform as a basis, created a content management platform all together with a modern web portal for students and employees.

For Tal tech, we provided:

  • Analysis and optimization of business processes
  • Content management DSM platform
  • Modern web portal for students and employees

For this large multinational pharmaceutical competitor, we provided:

TEVA Pharmaceuticals is a company that participates in the global market. We helped them with data processing by integrating an intelligent data aggregation system. Utilizing our experience and expertise, together we optimized the sales process of the company, and through detailed data analysis we established a prediction system for the future trends.

For Teva, we provided:

  • Intelligent data aggregation
  • Optimization of sales process
  • Data analysis and prediction

Rietumu Bank is one of the largest banks in the Baltics States

For Rietumu Bank, we provided:

  • Mobile self-service
  • Requirement analysis
  • Software modeling and design

Admiral Markets is a leading Forex and CFD trading provider

For Admiral Markets, we provided:

  • Business process management
  • Security audit
  • Software modeling and design

Grand Credit is a financial services group in Latvia

For Grand Credit , we provided: