DSM Platform

LifeUP DSM platform establishes a fast, concise and smooth customer experience via 3 essential steps:

  • It enables you to build intuitive applications while keeping the customer in the center

  • It gives you the option to integrate previously obtained and used data sources and legacy applications

  • provides you the opportunity to automate different processes, tasks, and decisions


The LifeUP DSM platform removes the hassle of building applications, making it user-friendly, and above all intuitive to use. It utilizes a simple Administration module, which gives you power over what your services are, how they work, and every type of decisions and process involved along the way.

No-Code Web App Building

The sole coding process is cut out of the equation, and replaced with interactive visual models and templates. By not losing time on coding and setting up, you can easily create applications for your clients, employees and partners. Apply changes along the way, and keep everything updated.

Service Lifecycle Management

The Built-in Lifecycle Management system enables you to quickly and easily define what your financial services are, and what is their value chain position. From one end to the other, utilize the visual tools to build the lifecycle, and manage it along the way.

Business Process and Case Management

End-to-end customer experience and deliverance of valid results are possible using the DSM platform to build business applications to reach this goal. Visual modeling kit helps you model and define each work stage throughout the service lifecycle. Start building and you won’t miss a thing.


Nowadays, data is everywhere, and the DSM platform is there to help you streamline and organize customer interactions and touchpoints, keeping it customer-centric and user-friendly along the way.
The smart integration layer is there to reach, gather and organize every bit of data from different places and legacy systems, keeping consistent and concise user-experience as the main goal.

Integration of Existing Systems

Building anew, and replacing your existing systems would be a waste of resources. That’s why, by using our smart DSM integration layer, you have the option to utilize your existing CRM, ERP and Risk Management. A smooth integration of legacy systems enables you to shift focus to your business operations, instead of wasting resources on manual tasks.

New Systems and SAAS

Above all, our smart DSM integration layer enables the utilization of innovative solutions like AI powered risk management setups or a new CRM. The key is to have an easy-to-get-on DSM platform that will make integration of new systems and services smooth, fitting into your financial services and business processes easily.

DSM Modules

  • DSM-D: Document Management
  • DSM-C: Customer Management
  • DSM-F: Finance Module Management


Being that it is becoming more powerful by the day, automation is essential in order to increase flexibility and efficiency of company services. By Automating manual actions, routine and slow decision-making, you get the chance to revolutionize your operations!

Process Automation

The DSM platform improves efficiency, resourcefulness and precision of your employees, simply by automating manual tasks, and letting them devote more time and focus to customers.

Decision Management

Underwriting, risk assessment and similar business decisions – create modules and automate them using a simple visual toolkit. Form underwriting to claim management, you get to establish the best automated decision-making process, with a balanced next-best-action strategy.

Analysis and Predictive intelligence

Finally, secure a significant revenue growth by applying predictive intelligence to every step of the business process, and transform your data into valuable business decisions and actions. Ultimate transparency throughout the value chain is a secure way to provide constant efficiency grow and optimization of your business processes