From the diagnosis of your pain points to implementation, we facilitate and connect your business inside out, keeping processes, employees, and clients in mind.

We understand you

In recent years, we have executed several digital transformation projects in different industries. Our specialists worked with large companies, such as Kredex, TalTech, BigBank, Ergo, and Elering on improving the efficiency of their operations. We build our platform based on the amassed knowledge from various digital transformation projects to ensure a successful digitalization of any financial institution.

    The financial sector is not changing; It has already changed

    • It’s cheaper to open a new bank than to buy an apartment
    • Financial services are not a black box anymore
    • Customers are conscious of their own value

Why you should care

  • Up to 28% of FSI businesses will be at risk in the following years. (PWC, 2017)
  • The inability to reduce operational costs and develop new products results in lost competitiveness
  • Without a developed digital culture, talent acquisition and retention quickly becomes arduous

    Real obstacles that companies face:

    • Poor quality of operations
    • Inefficient usage of resources
    • Outdated technological solutions

It’s not about technology. It’s about business.

Companies don’t need to be built all over in order to stay in tune with the times. Traditional financial service providers don’t need to become FinTech, but they can reap the benefits of the latest tech. The pivotal change is in the mindset: developing a flexible organizational culture, and building the technological structures to fuse with FinTech services.

    Our experience and benchmark of the industry show that financial companies using our solutions attain:

    • Lead time reduced up to 90%
    • Productivity increased up to 50%
    • Quality improved up to 80%