LifeUP – Core Banking module
Open-source banking core based on Apache Fineract. Used daily by 10 million users from hundreds of financial institutions.

The fast, intuitive and simple access to financial services

Advanced and secure technology

Built on the latest technology stack, it can support your products delivered however you want it – on-site, in the cloud or via mobile.

Customization and adaptation

Select, enhance and extend the framework to build your own solution


Reach, gather and organize every bit of data from different places and legacy systems

Management of loans, savings and share products

Create, configure and roll out brand new credit, deposit, and share products across teams and branches.

Flexible product definitions and payment schedules

Customizable calculation of interest balance with the ability to specify the compounding and the posting period.

Management of fees, payments and debts

Support for flat or percentage-based fees that can be applied and collected on a specific due date, service, or as monthly or annual fees.


Accounting and reports

Configure your cash or accrual accounting, develop your custom chart of accounts, advanced automated account posting and Streamlined financial reporting

Billing and integrations

A modern platform with a modular service-oriented architecture that provides everything necessary to deliver digital financial services. Easy to localize and integrate with other systems.


Open and proved solution

Built on the leading OS frameworks, fully open, supported and extended by a global partner network.


Flexible. Fast. Affordable. The concepts that define our purpose.

We designed our product modules so they can be used both together and separately. Each can be implemented to enrich your product, no matter where it is in its life cycle.

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