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In the new age, old marketing strategies simply won’t cut it. 

Financial services aren’t easy to sell, no matter the size of the company. To make matters worse, your typical neighborhood marketing agency tends to offer the same old strategy for a lot of money. The truth is – competitors aren’t the one driving away your customers. Generic approach and behavior is. In order to maximize your ROI, there is a real, tested and true necessity for personalized ads that truly speak to your customers on an individual level. If your company has already developed several communication channels, such as email, websites, apps, and social networks, it’s high time to start making the most of them.

So We Found Someone

Working with companies from the financial sector in Europe, we started to notice the need for a reliable, affordable marketing that delivers. While the market in the US and South America brims with opportunities, the European market seems to fall short when it comes to personalized omnichannel marketing platforms that are both effective and easy to use

That’s why we searched far and wide until we found the perfect partner who can deliver results to our customers.

Meet Prisma Campaigns

At first glance, Prisma Campaigns looks like another marketing automation platform. But dig a little deeper, and you will notice it’s full of features that can turn an uninteresting advertisement into a well-planned scheme your leads will love.











It’s Easy to Use

Prisma Campaigns was designed with companies from the financial sector in mind. Even though it offers a plethora of options, it employs advanced machine learning which can help you cut down the time and effort needed to make a truly efficient campaign. There’s no need to brainstorm and overthink every single characteristic of your diverse target audiences – AI that does that for you is only a click away.












It’s Omnichannel 

Prisma Campaigns lets you create and assign ads to be used on different devices, apps, and websites. It helps you control the entire campaign, all on the same platform. Furthermore, if your customer interacts with an ad on one channel, all of the other channels will change accordingly for that customer. This way, you can be sure that not a single lead is wasted.

It’s Personalized

Prisma Campaigns uses state-of-the-art technology to make your leads feel loved and listened to throughout the sales funnel. Using client data, your customers will only get the ads that are truly relevant to them and their unique situation. The campaign is adjusted in real time across all channels for the most effective conversions. The result – a message that speaks to each individual client directly. 

It’s Safe

Prisma Campaigns specializes in working in the financial sector. As such, they make sure that every single piece of data that goes through their platform stays safe and secure. The platform complies with GDPR, and the infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring top-notch physical and network security. They don’t use any third party data sources or software. Taking a step further to guarantee data safety, Prisma Campaigns employs premium security measures protecting the system against data breaches and DDoS attacks. 

Prisma Campaigns in Europe

So, how do you use Prisma Campaigns as a European company?

At LifeUp, we truly believe that Prisma Campaigns is the best solution to all marketing needs of any company from the financial sector, big or small. That’s why we’ve decided to team up. 

Today, LifeUp is an exclusive representative of Prisma Campaign in the region. 

If you’re tired of your marketing campaigns yielding unsatisfactory results, it’s time to stop making those expensive investments. Contact us today, and get the world-class, smart marketing you deserve. 


Diego Paramo


Tallinn – Estonia



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