The Secret Weapon for Reduced Costs: Business Process Automation


Looking for ways to cut time-consuming day-to-day tasks? If your answer was yes then business process automation is the solution your business was looking for. As it’s an innovative way for companies to simplify complex workflows that help reduce human errors. Not only do you end up reducing costs, but you increase productivity at the workplace.

Business processes can be determined for many different segments of company activities. It could be operational processes like sales and marketing or supporting processes, such as technical support, finance activities and hiring new employees. According to a study by Redwood Software, nearly 60% of all business processes could be automated by 2022. It’s a trend that has become a necessity and priority for so many companies.

A great example that explains the necessity of BPA is the loan desk at a bank, where a customer comes in with a loan request.

For that, the bank employee needs to do a background check in order to tell the client if they are qualified for a loan and the amount. An automation software enables the employee to do a background check almost instantly. And at the same time, the bank’s card services are automatically notified if any fraud pattern emerges.

Without the automated decision-making software, these scenarios wouldn’t happen as quickly. And a tiny mistake can cost your company a fortune, but BPA can prevent that. The process is safe and the data you get is accurate.

Below is a rundown of Business Process Automation (BPA) best benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction– If a company listens to customers specific needs and makes an effort to cater to them, it simply makes them feel good. Automation can greatly improve a company’s ability to deliver what your customers want and need. Plus the decisions made are smart and fast, such as discount codes and freebies. It’s also a huge help for your call-center. Chat transcripts can be sent to the call-center, so a call can be handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Optimized employee time– Automation can save your employees a lot of time, by taking over repetitive tasks that are machine-addressable. For example data entry, and matching invoices to purchase orders. This way employees can focus more on excellent customer service.
  • Quality and consistency– Because automation works so quickly and keeps all the records, you get instant access to accurate data. You can also analyze and dig deeper into all that data. This way you get better insights on lead generation and sales, making it easier to see areas that need improvement and why.
  • Simplified employee training– Change of management in a company occurs on a daily basis. This means training new employees and that can be a very long process. With an automated train management, the process is simplified, while the system can identify areas in which an employee needs more training.

Conclusion: What are you waiting for automatizing your company?

There’s no doubt, business process automation has become a necessity for forward-thinking companies. However, before investing in a new software, make sure you find a system that fits your organization’s specific needs. Find a process automation expert that can help consult you in making the right choices for your business.

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